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A gentle introduction to actinia:
geoprocessing in the cloud


2022-08-23, 09:00–13:00, 210

GRASS GIS for remote sensing data processing and analysis


2022-08-23, 14:00–18:00, 210

Connecting tribes: how we connected the GRASS GIS database natively to GeoServer

Lightning Talk

2022-08-24, 12:15–12:20, Room 4

News from actinia - let's STAC!


2022-08-24, 15:15–15:45, Room Onice

State of GRASS GIS


2022-08-25, 09:00–09:30, Room Verde

OSGeo, Persistent Identifiers and the shape of things to come

Academic Track, Lightning Talk

2022-08-25, 10:10–10:15, Room Hall 3A

LOOSE: Combining loosely coupled components into coherent architecture


2022-08-25, 11:30–12:00, General online

Developing a pilot method to measure biodiversity related financial risk at financial portfolio level using Earth Observation and other spatially explicit data


2022-08-25, 12:30–13:00, General online

Making free climate and weather data more usable - status, ideas and products resulting from the research project "FAIR"

Lightning Talk

2022-08-25, 15:15–15:20, General online

The GreenUr project: creating an application in QGIS to manage the impacts of urban green spaces on human health


2022-08-26, 09:00–09:30, Room Limonaia

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